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What Others Say

“Being an Early Elementary Teacher myself, I have been able to teach children coming from Educare’s Preschool into kindergarten class.  The children coming from Educare have been more than ready to meet the challenges that take place in the kindergarten classroom.  Having taught these children just reinforced my decision to send my children to Educare.  Every parent wants their child to have the best possible start to their education, and I firmly believe that Educare is that place.”

Educare Parent / Elementary School Teacher


“Educare has given my son the tools he needed to continue on into kindergarten this year, but what I don’t think the staff at Educare are aware of, is that not only are they teaching kids to be the best they can be, they are also teacher us parents how to be the best parents we can be to our children”

Educare Parent


“Thank you for loving my sons.   Thank you for the inclusion.  Thank you for your listening ears when I had something to voice. Thank you for your patience, your time, your smiles, your friendly ways.  Thank you for teaching and guiding my boys.  Thank you for making them love you enough that they cry because they have to go to a big school and their teachers won’t be there.  Thank you for making school a safe place for my boys to go and a safe place for me to leave them.  Thank you for the wonderful foundation, this first stepping stone to their educational future.  I truly believe that my boys have received the best start possible”

Educare Parent


“Educare’s teachers are amazing, and genuinely care about each child.  They have given Brook such confidence.  We love the program”

Kari Bickerton

“We are so blessed to have been part of the Educare program.  Our son has advanced so much in the last year.  We know because of the education he received at Educare he will have the confidence and skills to advance into Kindergarten with ease.  The staff are the most amazing and caring individuals you will ever meet. I just cannot say enough about them and the program that they offer!”

Shawna Collins


“The staff at Educare are the most dedicated and passionate people you will ever meet.  They put their heart and souls into the program.  They make each child feel special and cared for.”

Educare Parent