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For Parents

Preschool Subsidy Program

As of January 1st, 2006, the government has offered a subsidy program for stay at home parents.
Should you qualify,each child will be covered UP TO $100, per month for preschool fees.

You may register on line, and find out instantly if you family qualifies for the program.
Please visit www.child.gov.ab.ca/childcaresubsidy for the form.

Should you qualify, your child’s fees will be paid to Educare via direct deposit from the Alberta Child Services.

This is a newly introduced program, with some details still being worked out. If you have any questions, please call 1-866-714-5437

On-Line form for Community Service Grants

Your time is valuable!  Our children always benefit from time that you contribute to our program,
and many employers recognize the importance of your volunteer services.

If you work at Suncor or Syncrude your employer will give a grant to Educare for your volunteer time in our program.
For more information:

Suncor: http://www.suncor.com/en/community/719.aspx#Volunteering Grant

Syncrude:  http://www.syncrude.ca/users/folder.asp?FolderID=6048