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ARRIVAL Parents encourage their children to dress and undress themselves.
Parents are to take children to the washroom before class.
9:20 / 12:50 Children enter classroom, put backpacks in cubbies, put on their shoes at the carpet, and find their name tags.
9:30 / 1:00 Teachers take attendance and greet the children.
Morning meeting – What are we doing today?
Calendar and group discussion (encouraging hands up for questions).
Sing and act out songs, finger plays, nursery rhymes, have fun!
Emphasis on taking turns, social skills, and sharing stories with friends.
9:45 / 1:15 FREE PLAY
All centres are set up for play.
Children move freely around centres (which are planned alongside monthly themes and the interest of the children).
11:10 / 2:40 STOP SIGN
5 minutes until clean up.
11:15 / 2:45 CLEAN UP
Clean up song, everyone helps clean.
Children gather together at the carpet; they count the boys and girls for…
Teachers encourage healthy hygiene habits, children use the washroom, all children wash their hands for snack time.
11:20 / 2:50 SNACK TIME
Children find their name on their snack tag.
The children independently retrieve snack from their bag.
Teachers and children sit together.
Good manners are encourages.
11:30 / 3:00 “STAR OF THE DAY”
 Quiet questions and conversation is encouraged to discuss what Star of the Day may have in the box.
11:55 / 3:25
Gather for next day discussions / sign out of attendance book.